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TwinD6: Role-Playing System

Here is a quick overview of our system and what we have to offer. First of all, what is Twin D6. It’s a pen and paper role playing system, semi similar to Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire the Masquerade, the Fate system and all the others. The core system is generic, bereft of a specific setting so you can do with it what you need.

Down the road we will release setting type components to make it even easier for you to jump into a game, but we’ve focused on story first – it shouldn’t take more than a half an hour to forty-five minutes to get a game together and going.

How do the rules and the story work together?

This game is meant to be a highly story-driven system. We believe story is a critical element to tabletop role playing and therefore needs a lot of focus. Rules are also important for managing a game but shouldn’t detract from the important storytelling aspect of an RPG. We’ve designed the rules to work hand-in-hand with narrating a story so rules and story don’t find themselves competing for attention. A major question we’ve often asked ourselves during the design process was, “How does this rule impact story?”

How difficult are the Mechanics of this game to learn?

There are many great role playing games with expansive mechanics built into their system. They provide wonderful options for a more tactical RPG experience, but we wanted to offer you a gaming option that’s easy to learn and quick to use. The rules were developed to be straight forward and simple but still cover the important details we gamers like to see. The result is a system created for beginner and veteran players alike. We also have an active forum where you can ask questions and interact with the designers themselves if you ever have a sticky question you’re just not sure about.

What kinds of dice does the game use and what kind of impact does this have?

We use two six-sided dice for our game because it operates on the principle of a bell curve. [Information on 2D6 Bell Curve] Although dice rolls are randomized, the system is still working on averages and statistics which gives you greater control over how you imagine your character. A D20 has a 5% chance of rolling any number regardless of how high or low. This means no matter how much you invest in your character sheet, the randomization is very high. Our system gives you a clear picture of what your investments really mean.

How complex is character creation?

Character creation isn’t meant to be difficult or time consuming. We’ve developed a very clear method for building your character which is standard across all game settings we’re releasing. The game can also be easily converted to create a character in a setting of your own imagination rather than one of ours. An experienced player can realistically have a character finished within 10-15 minutes and a beginner shouldn’t expect to take too much longer than that.

Is the game friendly to a generic setting?

Our game was designed to be functional for any game in any setting. You can utilize our rules in one of the settings we’ve created, make a setting of your own or even convert our game to fit in an established story or fictional world you want to experience. In fact, we’ll be offering resources to easily detail how you can make these conversions or create your own settings.

What kinds of settings are available with this game?

Honestly, anything you want. Use our game for whatever story you want to run with. However, we also have settings of our own creation available for you. Twin-D6 is our main launch and provides the basic rules for your games, but we’ll also be releasing rules for specific settings with a few details added which are appropriate to those settings. Shards of Terra will offer options for a sci-fi setting and we’re developing several modern horror stories. There’s also some developmental ideas coming down the road for a fantasy game, spy story and several other exciting options. Keep following us to see what we’re building for you.

Is combat easy to run?

Most gamers will admit combat is one of the hardest parts of a role playing game where you run a scene. But it’s also one of the most exciting. When you watch a movie or read a novel, you get caught up in the action sequences and worry about the fate of the characters. When you run an RPG combat scene, the necessity of rules slows things down and often makes it hard to capture that cinematic feeling. Our combat system was specifically designed to be fast-paced and exciting so it doesn’t take an entire evening for one scene and the players are continuously involved. Combat also tends to put a heavy burden on the person running the game so we wanted to make it equally simple for them. On top of this, not every character is going to be built around combat, but we wanted to present you a system where there’s many different roles you can take on in a battle and it doesn’t always have to be the person with the best weapon strikes who affects the fight. A Social character can be just as effective at combat in our gaming system as a Physical one.





pirate_battle_by_devicherry-d4kcwl9Let’s start from the beginning. You have a pirate story that’s been rolling around in your head for a while and it just so happens you have several friends you can talk into playing a game with you. (If you don’t, we recommend Roll20) Problem is, you don’t have a rules system. You’ve checked around, there are maybe one or two systems good for your game, but they’re out of print or have a complicated rules set.

Twin D6 has all the basic tools you need to run your story and also gives you the flexibility to create what you need for your campaign. Ancient weapons, modern weapons, futuristic weapons – all covered. Ships, cars, planes, space craft, whatever you need, it’s covered.

The rules primarily give players a lot of impact on the story making what players invest in crucial to the story. Character building is also organic – you get better at what you use, so even if a player hasn’t built their character concept very well, the character will naturally grow in story to suit the campaign style.

NPC templates

Need a quick henchman? A pack of wolves? We’ve put together several base creations to get you going quickly or give you a simple reference. The focus here is story so we wanted to give you the tools to supplement your story so you can concentrate on the curve balls your players throw at you.


Yes! We’ll shortly be releasing various settings from across the board. What if I already have the Core Rule Book but you’ve released a Pirates Setting which is perfect for my campaign? We’ll have available just the setting specific information in a Campaign Supplement at a greatly reduced cost. We want you to get the most bang for your buck by always making what you’ve purchased useful. We’ll also be producing whole setting books, where the setting and core rules are compiled in one location at a slightly higher cost than the Core Rules. By modularizing we can remain flexible, keeping your purchases relevant, but we also appreciate convenience. Whatever way you want to have your role playing system, we’re here to help!

Modularized Updates?

Our other goal is revision updates. If you’ve purchased our Core Rules or any setting supplements and we’ve made minor updates, we’ll send them to you for free. (Via PDF format.) Major revisions will come to you at a significantly reduced cost. (For upkeep and expenses.) We’re interested in a community and in your loyalty. We’re here to build stories and share in the imaginations of a zany intelligent bunch of people. We facilitate in providing tools to help fuel your creativity.

Your purchase, no matter how small, will always be significant and we will strive to contribute to your story with a variety of things, including maps, campaign modules, advice and more.


Have a particular franchise interest that has no role playing system? HP Lovecraft wrote a series of horror short stories, many of which have become public domain, but could have easily been picked up by any medium. (You can see vestiges of his work all over the place, including Hell Boy.) Say for instance it was a licensed franchise and it either didn’t have a role playing system or you didn’t like what was available. You’re free to do as you wish in your own home and so using a general role playing system such as Twin D6 would allow you to explore your favorite franchises.

But what about community driven content?

As long as all licensing is observed, the community of role players is free to share what they want. We’re also here to help this along. Have setting specific rules you’ve created that you wish to contribute? You can create or add to what others have collaborated on at no cost. We have a philosophy of story and ingenuity we wish to realize with your help. As always, this is your game and your company.


What use is a system that can’t adapt, become more efficient, or get better over time? Gone are the days when print meant things were set in stone and inflexible. We’ve got it started, but a community and you will keep it alive and thriving. We appreciate feedback in where the system may be failing or just in a general sense could be better. With our free to marginal costs for upgrades, you’re not having to buy hundreds of dollars worth of books every time we enhance the rules.

This also means you have a direct impact on our direction and if we’re not meeting your gaming needs, we can adjust until we are.

Release Information Soon. Keep an eye on the News!


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