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A New Kind of Roleplaying System

How do you RP?

This isn’t just a system of rules. It’s a framework for allowing you to tell your story. Role playing games are about a community and being part of a whole. We here at Imperial Wolfe Gaming have many of our own experiences, but we learn far more from the other enthusiasts out there. Feel like the pen and paper role playing games out there lack something? Let us know what it is!

Tell Us About Your Games


Ruairí Robinson and screenwriter Jim Uhls present the concept teaser for The Leviathan in this very Moby Dick like trailer. The scene opens giving a very brief description of the world and what we’re about to see. The ship models and lighting are beautiful and very well done. When you get to see Leviathan for

Halo: Nightfall

Halo Nightfall : First Look by itsartmag A look into the film Halo: Nightfall


Ambition – the film A film made to celebrate the ESA Rosetta mission to find water on a comet brings a very human element to the real mission and gives thought as to what we might find. Starring Aidan Gillen, known as Littlefinger from Game of Thrones, he manages to give a decent narrative to


The world continues to fight despite no one left alive to carry on the fight. Put together by a CG enthusiast from Russia, Крепость/Fortress is imaginative and well done.